Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Snakehead Fish Mihun Soup at Seremban 芙蓉生鱼米粉

Kedai Makanan & Minuman Wai Kwai Choi (长发美食中心)is one of my regular visit hawker center in Seremban. This hawker center is just next to the well known Seremban grill crab restaurant (芙蓉烧蟹海鲜村)along Jalan Tuanku Munawir (refer map). I was glad we came today(Wed) coz it's usually quite full in the weekends. There are only 4 stalls in this hawker center. Curious to find out what are the specialties I would recommend here !!??? ;-) Let's scroll down...

*Bingo* The snakehead fish ! It's known Ikan Haruan in Malay while Chinese call it Sang Yee (生鱼)。Malaysian Chinese generally believe that taking snakehead fish could expedite the wound healing, as such, snakehead fish soup is rather common supplement among the post-operation's patients. However, I think it's not a popular dish to be served at restaurant or hawker stall elsewhere. Slaughtering snakehand could be a cruel task and rather energy consuming, if you had the experience, you know what I mean....

Snakeheads Dancing in the Claypot;-)

I really admire the skill how the cook slice up the snakehead, so neat....This snakehead could either be served in porridge or thin rice vermicelli (mihun), you may also request one whole snakehead to be steamed.
Besides the snakehead, they also sell edible paddy frog (田鸡)and swamp eel (黄鳝). We ordered 2 servings of snakehead mihun(生鱼米粉) and 1 serving of paddy frog congee (田鸡粥)。All served in claypot for only RM17, taste good and save my trouble too. ;-)

Porridge cooked with edible Taiwanese frog

If Snakehead and paddy frog do not sound good, then I would suggest you to go for the Soong Kee Ipoh Kueh Teoh (宋记怡保沙河粉).The Kueh Teoh (rice base noodle) is silky smooth as good as Hong Kong style Chee Cheong Fun!
Silky Ipoh Kueh Teoh served with Char Siew(叉烧)Lastly, an icy cold coffee made my day complete! :-)

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JasonC said...

guys... don't eat there if you can... the boss does not treat the customer well and is very dishonest...

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