Sunday, May 3, 2009

En Exhilarating Day Trip to Sekinchan 适耕庄一日游

My first contact with Sekinchan was more than 10 years back, deeply ingrained in my mind is the lush green paddy fields. Since then, I was keen to have a 2nd visit. When I suggested SP that maybe we could plan a day trip to Sekinchan, she seemed to love my idea and contacted some old friends. With her great enthusiasm, I got to realize my dream this May Day (1st-May-2009).

After picking up Waii and Jason in the early morning, we met SP at Caltex Patrol Station near Penchala Toll. We wasted a fair bit of time to locate Resoran Kong Mah 港马点心 at Sungai Buloh. The dim sum here was highly recommended by SP's colleague.

The taste of har gao and xiu mai were pretty common, while the filling of char xiu bao and yam puff were not bad at all.Another attraction was the price. Total consumption for 7 adults plus a little boy cost only RM54!

Address :Restoran Kong Mah Sdn Bhd, 32 Jalan Public, Kampung Baru Sg Buloh. 47000 Selangor. Tel : 03-6156 1682 H/P:019 225 4640

Departing from Sungai Buloh, certain areas of the trunk road were congested causing us slightly lagged behind. After driving more than 1 hour , we saw picturesque paddy fields on the right, we reckoned we were arriving soon.

Turned left to the traffic light after seeing the signboard of Sekinchan and soon we smelt the unique trace of a fishing village..... The scalding hot sun could never defeat our strong will power to explore this quaint litte town. The ladies walked in sweat from one stall to another to check out the seafood’s prices while the guys who I call amateur photographers were busy snapping here and there. After much comparison, SP, PP & Moon walked away happily with few Kilos of prawn (RM28/kg), Cencaru (RM3/kg) and several packets of pre-packed mantis prawn (RM7.50/pack). Came to lunch, we were torn between Jiann Chyi and Guan Hwat (Lot 2942). Jiann Chyi was recommended by Ah Xian 阿贤人情味. On the other hand, business of Guan Hwat with "Lot 2942" written on the stunning blue wall looked promising. Feeling uneasy to stand there waiting people to finish off their meal, Moon suggested that we had lunch at a less crowded place but SP disagreed. Nevigated all the way from KL, she insisted to have a good meal. After approx 20 mins waiting time, we were lucky enough to find a table in Guan Hwat .As soon as seated, the uncle sat next table who claimed himself a genuine local came to advise us the “must order” dishes in this restaurant. Since the lady boss seemed to know him well, we just listened to him and sellected the followings,

1.) Deep fried flatfish (slipper) soaked in bean paste, chili and ginger strips. Quite spicy but I'm kinda enjoyed the crispiness.2.) Fried egg with bitter gourd. Very home cooking feel. 3.) Shark meat soup with heaps of shallots, pickles and tomato, tasted sourish and pretty appetizing....This is my first expereince of eating shark's meat, I could't tell any distinctive feature although some said the shark's meat could be coarse and gamy....4.) Braised "Promfret. *frown* Was it a real "promfret"!? Anyway, I definitely prefer my whole promfret (w/o being chopped) to be steamed instead... 5.) Braised veggie in claypot. The bitterness of leafy green mustard went quite well with the gravy.If you ask my opinion, I only recommend 1 and 3. Overall, the gravy was savoury but personally I think this is very wrong culinary method to deal with fresh seafood. I think the concoction was way too strong so much so it overwhelmed the natural sweetness of seafood. Usually fresh seafood need no exaggerated dressing.....What's to complain??!!?? After all, it’s just RM55.

Restoran Guan Hwat 源发海鲜饭店 (Lot 2942)
三巷头,45400 Sekinchan.

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P/S:. We appointed Jason to be the treasurer, he collected RM50 each, and at the end of the trip, each of us being refunded RM30, WOW, the whole trip was unthinkably economical! ;-)

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