Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Restoran Loon Sing, Nilai 隆盛佛跳墙酒家

This splendid white castle has never failed to capture my attention whenever I pass it on my way back to my hometown Mantin. The new Restoran Loon Sing 隆盛佛跳墙酒家 (actually not that new)! Most people tend to relate it with its signature “Buddha Jumps Over The Wall 佛跳墙” thus interpret it as an exclusive dining place which anytime could cost a bomb while this may not be all true. Apart from “Buddha jumps over the wall 佛跳墙”, their chef are also proficient in Fuzhou cuisine (福州菜) range from middle to high. I have dined here several times, my impression towards Loon Sing is a mix of good and bad, delicious but not everything to my appetite. Grand interior aside, their service has apparently improved since shifted to this new premises. The spacious dining hall also makes it an ideal venue for reunion.
We tried their black version Bronze Metal Dong Poh Pork 铜奖东坡肉(RM38 for small)during one of our latest visits. Probably because we have a sweet teeth for food, we find it palatable and we think it was much nicer than the ordinary Dong Poh pork that cooked with wine (酒槽东坡肉). Texture of the gelatinous skin attached to the meat was springy but never feel greasy. Eat with soft fluffy Man Tao 馒头 and you need no further elaboration, one word says it all, EXCELLENT!I don't have fancy for Loon Sing's “Buddha jumps over the wall 佛跳墙" coz I already know the taste. However, since Moon was yearning, we ordered A Kin of "Buddha Jumps Over The Wall" 佛跳墙兄弟 (RM39 for small bowl) . A Kin?!? LOL, it was the cheapest version of its kind, so don't ever expect to see one whole piece of abalone floating around as the pot is not big enough for that. ;-) Even then, you may still find sea cucumber, mushroom....and etc. Basically the same soup base is used to cook the different catagories, price varies due to different grade of ingredients is used ( it's just a matter of BIG abalone or small). So, when budget is concerned, this "Kin" is an alternative!Don't judge a book by its look, this plain fried nai pai 清炒奶白(RM 1o for small) was simply a perfect match to the award winning Dong Poh Pork especially when you are already sick of gorging on the rich food, very crunchy and sweet indeed.Salt and pepper cuttlefish 椒盐苏东(RM15) was the only dish I didn’t enjoy much although with its lavish portion. Thought the batter was too thick and hardly crispy. The strong flavour of Shichuan peppercorn made it worse.

With peanut (definitely not complimentary), a glass of fresh apple juice (RM6.00) plus govt & service tax (5%+3%), total amount of the bill is RM122.15. Ying is raving for Buddha Jumps Over The Wall, so very likely will arrange a reunion dinner there by end of this month in conjunction with Mother Day's celebration.

Below is a little info about Restoran Loon Sing,

Business Hour : Open daily from 11.30am - 2.30pm, 5.30pm-10.30pm

(Open on Sunday & Public Holidays)

Address : PT 2484, Kawasan Perindustrian Nilai 2,

Block D, 71800 Nilai, Negeri Sembilan. (1.5KM from new Nilai Toll)

Tel : 06-7997 818, 06-7997 787

Some of the dishes required pre-booking, better call to confirm before heading there.

Others :

Convention Hall Section seat 160 tables,

6 VIP Rooms

500 Parkings

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