Sunday, May 10, 2009

Kampachi Pavillion 勘八

Moon is a great fan for Japanese sashimi. I hate to say but the fact is fresh sashimi always treated as luxry food here as diner is not only paying for the food but also bearing the implicit air cost for importing the fresh raw material.

In conjunction with Moon's birthday, I decided to treat Moon a sumptuous dinner at Kampachi in Pavillion. I know she was tempted to pay a visit since it was highly recommended by her Japanese colleague as well as her cousin Joelle.

We requested a table at the corner so that we could enjoy some private time together.

Despite the usual green tea, the captain recommended us to try some fruit tea. It's not a bad idea to have something cheery, so we opted for peach tea (RM12)! Tangy fragrance of peach, no doubt a terrific refreshment! We started off with our most favorite Shake Kawa Salad クリスピー鮭皮のサラダ(RM24) . This starter seems slightly pricey as compared to Xenri (RM15) but looking at lavish portion of crispy fried salmon skin covered the whole salad bowl, I would say, it's not that expenssive after all.We flicked through the table menu and were captivated by the gigantic osyters (RM48 for 3 pieces). It was Moon's big day, I was prepared to lash out, so I said"go ahead".Sugaki 酢牡蠣 served with ponzu sauce and grated radish. *Slurp*....Uhmmmm, so plump, so juicy and so fresh!!! Yes, we definitely miss the wagyu we had at Komura which was perfectly charred, the inner texture was so tender that required only minimum chewing while the slightly seared outer layer was aromatic, gosh, divine! This wagyu cooked with Tataki Style (RM80/100gm) , even garnished with much crispy garlic chips and spring onion, it could never beat.....and I started to miss Komura.... Joelle said their handmade soba was also a "must try" item. The soba itself costs RM20, so we thought we might as well ordered Soba & Chirashi Set (RM45) so that we could relish more raw fish, wahaha..... See the twinkle twinkle little roes? That's an evidence of freshness. The total bill came up around RM240, *phew*, I thought it gonna cost me RM300++. I heard, the meal Joelle had here with her hubby and 2 other friends spent them RM600.....

Address : Lot 6.09.00, Level 6, Pavillion Kuala Lumpur.

Tel : 03-2148 9608

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