Thursday, December 18, 2008

Roti Canai at Kampung Mantin

I would not miss a single chance driving to Kampung Mantin for the best roti canai ( at least I would think so) whenever I get to wake up early. Good things must be shared. ;-) Keep to the path of Kampung Mantin, you will see a rustic grocery store on your left before long.

The stall just attached to the grocery store. Roti canai and nasi lemak here sold like hot cake, only early bird gets the share! Just a few wrench and twist, the golden crisp served to us within couple of mins. With the curry and sambal, one piece is definitely not enough for me, I want "double"!;-PSipping the teh tarik, I leanrt a new formula about life, SIMPLE equals to beautiful! ;-)

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